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Seawaves Condo - Panama City

Sold - Commercial

Location: Panama City
Specific Area: Marbella
Property Type: Existing Property
Property Class: Condo
Size: 125 m2
Price: $231,250
Bedrooms: 3 Br

Located in the heart of Panama city amidst the banking district. Walk to numerousrestaurants, shops, and nightlife. 125 m2, overlooks swimming pool, 3 bedroom plusmaids quarter, 4 full bath. Redesigned kitchen with granite countertops. Fantasticsocial area with pools, Jacuzzi, fountain, gardens, children’s play area and partyarea.
UnitLong-TermMonthly Rate(Unfurnished)Long-TermMonthly Rate(Furnished)$1,950$2,350 SALE PRICE UnitSize / m2Sale Price 125 m2 $231,250



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