Faro del Sur in Coco del Mar

Faro del Sur in Coco del Mar

Coco del Mar, Panama, Panamá


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Location: Panama City
Specific Area: Coco Del Mar
Property Type: Existing Property
Property Class: Condo
Size: 78 m²/ 839 ft²
Price: $104,500
Bedrooms: 2 Br


Faro del Sur is an apartment in Via Israel, Coco del Mar located after the restaurant Jimmy´s.

The inside of the apartment willincludes two bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room,and two bathrooms. The floor is finished with tiles next to theconcrete, and there is a protective layer on top with a gypsumdecorative perimeter. The brick walls are plastered and painted on bothsides. There are sliding aluminum windows with blinds and an aluminumframe.

The bathrooms have imported appliances,and tiles on the walls to the hight of the slab.  The kitchen has adouble stainless steel sink inbedded in the granite countertops. The kitchen also has tiles to the height of the slab and MDF Furniture.  The apartment comes with parking.



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